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Building child care communities mindful enough to nourish young children.

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Teach Zen Inc. 

A 501c3 that supports the child care industry with social-emotional learning.  

Our Mindful Mission!

The mission of Teach Zen Inc is to provide child care communities with the self care tools needed to manage BIG emotions in order to create safe and nurturing learning environments where everyone thrives! 

There is an early education crisis happening in Delaware and across the nation.  

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There has been numerous research conducted that highlights the impact that trauma has on the brain and cognitive development.  Our youngest children and the professionals who care for them are not given the tools necessary to nurture and support their own resilience and ability to self regulate despite the traumatic experiences they may have or are experiencing each and every day.  Teach Zen has a mindful plan to create mindful early childcare classrooms and programs in Delaware.   

Teach Zen's Purpose!

Teach Zen's passionate purpose is to eradicate and minimize the perpetuation of trauma on young children and future generations to come.

Trauma is found in the cellular memory of our bodies.  It is our belief that the remedy for healing trauma is found in the cultural practices of the very people who have been traumatized by poverty and the multitude of atrocities around the world.  We can be empowered to heal by simply being exposed to healing practices that calm our bodies from stressful life experiences.

Meet Our Founder


Kyma Fulgence is a survivor of childhood trauma and someone who knows first hand the impact of trauma on the cognitive brain.  She struggled with PTSD, chronic depression, ADHD, and other emotional disorders most of her life as a result of her childhood experiences and being raised in poverty.  During her work as an early childhood educator for almost 20 years in the city of Wilmington, DE she began her meditation practice at her most heightened state of increased stress and burnout.  Her self care practices enabled her to continue working in the field and helped to broaden her perspective of how she could support others who have a passion for working with young children.  She now shares her love for meditation, mindfulness, and self care practices with her community.  She developed the One Love, One Heart curriculum in 2018.  She offered it to Large Family Child Care programs and child care centers in the city.  In 2020, during the pandemic she offered it for free virtually on Facebook when many child care children were home with their families.  The parents shared the impact it was having on them and their children at a time when they needed it most. 

Kyma is an early education and wellness consultant and advocate.  She has worked as a consultant to child care programs and has worked as a consultant to  the "Shining the Light on You Program", a wellness initiative out of the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Education (DIEEC)/University of Delaware.  Kyma worked at the institute as their Infant/Toddler Specialist as well as a Professional Development Coordinator.  The research of the wellness program she facilitated was published in the Delaware Journal of Public Health and she is credited as one one the authors. 


Teach Zen Inc in was founded in January 2023.  The organization have already provided social emotional learning experiences to almost 150 children in Wilmington.  Kyma is a member of Harambee DE, a community of non profit founders and leaders of color of the Proximity Project.  Her involvement in the group gave her the resources and courage to step into her passion and purpose.  Her work with Teach Zen Inc is dedicated to both of her parents who lived with severe trauma and passed away too soon.  

"A child's success or lack of success falls on the hearts of the adults around them willing to give them the things that they may or may not have been given to minimize the perpetuation of trauma."

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